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Modern Control Engineering in Mechatronics

Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Róbert SZABOLCSI

Scientific Topic:

Modern control engineering is the necessary and sufficient part of the control system design and analysis. Modern control engineering is a Computer aided one, and supported by computer packages like MATLAB, Simulink, SolidEdge, AutoCAD, Inventor. Main interest in this topic is scientific overview of the field of computer aided analysis and design of the robot systems including both air and ground robots.

Research Aims:

  1. Theoretical backgrounds of the preliminary computer aided design of the robot systems.
  2. Advances in mechatronics – mathematical models of the elements of the control systems.
  3. Review of the classical and modern control theory.
  4. Design of the control systems using classical and modern state space methods.
  5. Robust control systems.
  6. Optimal control systems.
  7. Nonlinear control systems.
  8. Random control systems
  9.  Principles of the elasticity. Motion and control of the elastic systems and robot arms.
  10. Air robots and unmanned aerial vehicles and vehicle systems.
  11. Ground robots and robot systems.
  12. Military and civil application of the robot systems.

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  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
  • National University of Public Service, Department of Military Aviation.
  • FESTO Didactic Ltd.
  • Fanuc Robotics Hungaria Ltd.