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János Besenyő – Head of Institute (for MTMT link please click on the name)

23/11/2023 Famine may worsen in Sudan (Trend FM)

07/11/2023 The Parliament voted: Hungarian soldiers are going to Chad in Central Africa (ATV Egyenes Beszéd)

07/11/2023 Chad mission: What are Hungarians looking for in Africa? – János Besenyő, Dávid Vogel, Béla Szilágyi (Hit Radio)

31/08/2023 The coup in Gabon (Infostart)

22/08/2023 Who is responsible for the migration from Africa? – Besenyő János, Vogel Dávid (Hit Radio)

14/08/2023 Wagner Mercenaries: A Potential Lifeline for the Niger Junta (Geopolitical Monitor)

28/04/2023 France’s weakening positions in Africa (

27/04/2023 African countries proposed the extension of the ceasefire in Sudan (Trend FM)

26/04/2023 Second colonization of Africa? (Ultrahang Plusz)

25/04/2023 Some chance for negotiation is given to the belligerents in Sudan (Infostart)

22/02/2023 A unique logistic training: it helps in case of catastrophy (Spirit FM)

30/12/2022 Krisztián Som, János Besenyő: How the Germans colonized Africa (Hit Radio)

01/12/2022 Europe woke up too late? (Hit Radio)

11/09/2022 We asked Reserve Colonel about the 11/9 terrorist attacks (Hit Rádió)

27/06/2022 The impact of the Russian conflict with Ukraine on Africa (Spirit FM)

11/04/2022 Africa: Supply shortage causes unforseeable consequences (Hit Radio)

07/04/2022 Limited wheat export may result in humanitarian catastrophy (Spirit FM)

02/03/2022 Ukraine: More difficulties are yet to come? How to support the refugees? (Ultrahang)

23/02/2022 A unique logistic training: it helps in case of catastrophy (Spirit FM)

30/01/2022 Is the military coup in Africa led by a security policy expert? (Ultrahang)

17/01/2022 What are Hungarian forces are looking for in Mali? (Mandiner)

30/12/2021 János Besenyő, Krisztián Som: How colonization ended? (Hit Radio)

12/12/2021 Terrorist attacks against African health facilities (ppt)

26/10/2021 Military coup in Sudan, war in Africa? (Ultrahang)

07/09/2021 Is Africa on the edge of a war more brutal than Afghanistan (Ultrahang)

26/11/2020 Interview with Dr. Jánossal Besenyő on the conflict in Western Sahara (Afrikablog)

23/11/2020 After the veto, toward the agreement (M1)

22/11/2020 A new conflict zone is about to come in North-Africa (Kossuth Radio)

22/11/2020 A referendum could be a solution to the conflict in Western Saharan (Magyar Hang)

22/11/2020 This could be a solution in Western Sahara (Sikeradó)

18/11/2020 Hungarian forces on the frontlines in Western Sahara (Magyar Nemzet)

17/11/2020 Western Sahara (Trend FM)

10/11/2020 New challenges? Terror attacks against health facilities (ppt).

22/07/2020 Hungarian adventurers in North-Africa – Failed colonization, Spanish legions, spy games (

23/03/2020 Migration (Geopolitika és Migráció)

17/03/2020 Migration from Africa to Europe (Kossuth Radio)

10/03/2020 Terrorism (Kossuth Radio)

23/02/2020 The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and colonization (Magyar Nemzet)

29/09/2019 Migration in Europe (ppt)

03/09/2019 The book ‘Europe and migration’ is published (Hit Radio)

30/07/2019 Migration is a Europe-wide problem (Kossuth Radio)

07/05/2019 Why Hungarian military forces must be improved (Hit Radio)

08/12/2018 Western Sahara became a ground for great powers rivalry (Népszava)

09/12/2015 Expert: Terrorist attacks can occur even in Hungary (Kossuth Radio)

Dávid Vogel – Senior Researcher (for MTMT link please click on the name)

07/11/2023 The Parliament voted: Hungarian soldiers are going to Chad in Central Africa (ATV Egyenes Beszéd)

07/11/2023 Chad mission: What are Hungarians looking for in Africa? – János Besenyő, Dávid Vogel, Béla Szilágyi (Hit Radio)

05/11/2023 Dávid Vogel: we also trained refugee camp leaders in Chad (HírKlikk)

22/08/2023 Who is responsible for the migration from Africa? – Besenyő János, Vogel Dávid (Hit Radio)

18/08/2023 Latin American situational report (FIX TV)

14/08/2023 Niger – military coups in the Sahel region (Hit Radio)

11/08/2023 Military coup in Niger and its international implications (Trend FM)

11/08/2023 Political assassination in Ecuador (Klubrádió)

10/08/2023 The Amazon Summit (Radio Patria)

08/08/2023 Military coup in Niger and its regional impact (Trend FM)

03/08/2023 Another African country in the hands of the Russians? (Hit Radio)

27/07/2023 Military coup d’état attempt in Niger (Trend FM)

23/07/2023 Brazilian domestic politics and Bolsonaro in court (Radio Patria)

23/05/2023 Inflation in Argentina (Trend FM)

17/04/2023 Brazil getting closer to China?(Ultrahang Plusz)

13/04/2023 Indigenous communities in danger in Brazil (Trend FM)

03/04/2023 State of Emergency in Ecuador (Trend FM)

22/03/2023 Multibillion-dollar oil shipment might have gone missing (Trend FM)

24/01/2023 Still ongoing riots in Peru, the president calling for a political ceasefire(Trend FM)

23/01/2023 Domestic crises and protests in Peru (Klubrádió)

12/01/2023 Conspiracy in the background of the Brazilian clashes? (Hit Radio)

12/01/2023 Domestic crisis in Brazil, domestic crises in Latin America (SpiritFM)

02/01/2023 The new Brazilian president and the situation in the country (Klubrádió)

02/01/2023 Brazil’s new president has been inaugurated (Radio Patria)

19/12/2022 Political crisis in Peru (Klubrádió)

15/12/2022 Political crisis in Peru (TrendFM)

02/11/2022 Lula da Silva, the old-new Brazilian president (TrendFM)

30/10/2022 What future for Brazil? (Hit Radio)

13/10/2022 Updates of the Brazilian election (TrendFM)

01/10/2022 Vogel Dávid: Poverty and deep poverty has increased in the last years (Hit Radio)

30/08/2022 Venezuela and Colombia to re-establish diplomatic relations (TrendFM))

26/08/2022 Is Bolsonaro preparing for a coup? (Hit Radio)

23/08/2022 The Brazilian presidential election campaign is intensifying (TrendFM)

17/08/2022 The leftward shift of Latin America (FIX TV)

08/08/2022 Colombia’s new, leftist president has entered office (TrendFM)

29/07/2022 The present and the future of BRICS (Hit Radio)

23/07/2022 Demonstrations in Ecuador (TrendFM)

21/06/2022. Leftist presidents, leftist turn in Latin America? (Klubrádió)

04/05/2022 Can the stalemate between the US and Venezuela come to an end? (TrendFM)

23/04/2022 How could Costa Rica become the Switzerland of Central America? (

15/04/2022 The impact of the Ukranian War to Latin America (Klubrádió)

07/04/2022 Can a country ever be successful where even the political elite is involved in drug trafficking? (

17/02/2022 The meeting of Viktor Orbán and Jair Bolsonaro (Hit Radio)

07/02/2022 One of the poorest countries in the world that only gets into the news when the president gets killed (

10/01/2022 Iran and Venezuela signing a cooperation agreement (Hit Radio)

04/01/2022 Can the Latin American authoritarian and populist leaders take the challenges of 2022 with success? (

22/12/2021 Leftist candidate wins the Chilean presidential election (Radio Patria)

20/12/2021 Inflation at 40 percent, 19 million in poverty, divided country – Why is Argentina pulled even by the branch of a tree? (

24/11/2021 Will Pinochet’s spirit return or will the Leftist leader of student demonstrations win in Chile? (

19/11/2021 Cuba downgraded by Moody’s (TrendFM)

05/11/2021 ICC investigation in Venezuela (Radio Patria)

29/10/2021 Can the American and the Mexican presidents stop the Mexican cartels? (

26/10/2021 Drug lord arrested in Colombia (Radio Patria)

05/10/2021 Venezuela: new national currency introduced (TrendFM )

22/09/2021 Is the new, audience favourite president of El Salvador taking his country towards the future or towards dictatorship? (

31/08/2021 Reforms, though without the Castros: In Cuba, everything depends on the patience of the people (

25/08/2021 Cuba on the verge of regime change? (FIX TV)

11/08/2021 The construction of Trump’s wall has been terminated. How does Biden want less migrants? (

07/07/2021 Bolsonaro and the situation in Brazil (Coronavirus, election) (Klubrádió)

01/07/2021 Neither the USA, nor the economic crisis, nor the pandemic could make Venezuela get on her knees (

10/06/2021 A number of opposition members are jailed before the elecion in Nicaragua (

06/05/2021 Deterriorating situation and clashes in Colombia (Radio Patria)

14/04/2021 COVID-19 situation in Brazil: healthcare and economy (Hit Radio)

10/04/2021 Ecuadorians cannot go to the beach because of the pandemia, but for the elections, they need to (

01/04/2021 Crises in Brazil: domestic politics and the Coronavirus (Radio Patria)

30/03/2021 Venezuela: vaccine for oil? (TrendFM)

04/03/2021 Venezuela gains income through gold sales? (TrendFM)

24/02/2021 Deteriorating COVID-crisis in South America (TrendFM)

13/01/2021 The double monetary system comes to an end in Cuba after 26 years (TrendFM)

12/01/2021 A Jobbik representative from Újpest and a former Jobbik representative have been to Africa as election observers paid by an organisation with ties to Russia (

06/01/2021 Biden’s new strategy? The relations of Latin America and the USA (FIX TV)

11/12/2020 Left and Right wing populist governments in Latin America (Klubrádió)

08/12/2020 Parliamentary election in Venezuela (Radio Patria)

22/09/2020 UN human rights report on Venezuela (Radio Patria)

28/07/2020 Parts of the pensions are given free access in Chile (TrendFM)

09/07/2020 Coronavirus situation in Brazil, Bolsonaro tests positive (Klubrádió)

08/07/2020 Drugs, weapons, prostitution – dirty money in Latin America (FIX TV)

08/07/2020 Bolsonaro’s positive test and the COVID-19 situation in Brazil (Radio Patria)

23/06/2020 Argentina: The situation in the defaulted country (HBC News)

22/06/2020 Brazil: from the economic miracle until the threat of a military coup – a discussion with David Vogel Latin America expert (szeretlekmagyarorszá

19/06/2020 Coronavirus situational report about Brazil (Klubrádió)

17/06/2020 Risky game – The geopolitical weight of Latin America (FIX TV)

09/06/2020 Coronavirus situation in Brazil (Hit Radio)

03/06/2020 „Low-cost” coup d’état attempt against Maduro (FIX TV)

02/06/2020 Foreign politics and the economic situation in Venezuela (HBC News)

28/05/2020 Situation in Venezuela: economy, domestic politics, Iranian tankers (Hit Radio)

25/05/2020 Venezuela receives gasoline from Iran (TrendFM)

08/05/2020 Military operation in order to overthrow the Maduro regime (Klubrádió)

06/05/2020 Venezuelan coup attempt (Radio Patria)

05/05/2020 Argentina is ready for sovereign default rather than paying its creditors (TrendFM)

06/04/2020 Brazil: where the president causes more harm than the pandemia (Radio Patria)

03/03/2020 Child labour used by Starbucks. Who is responsible? (Hit Radio)

14/02/2020 The end of the Maduro regime is far away (TrendFM)

05/02/2020 The Interpol won’t issue a Red notice against Morales (Hit Radio)

31/01/2020 Trump on the new trade agreement: the farmers will deal with it (TrendFM)

09/01/2020 Presidential elections of the National Assembly of Venezuela (Radio Patria)

06/01/2020 Presidential election of the National Assembly: a new phase of the crisis of the Venezuelan domestic politics (TrendFM)

28/11/2019 Domestic situation in Brazil (Klubrádió)

11/11/2019 Domestic crisis in Bolivia – the President resigned (Hit Radio)

06/11/2019 Brutal growth in Venezuela’s neighbourhood (TrendFM)

04/11/2019 The Venezuelan migration crisis (Civil Radio)

04/11/2019 Refugee crisis in Venezuela (Radio Patria)

28/10/2019 Alberto Fernández is elected to be the new President of Argentina (TrendFM)

24/10/2019 The Chilean crisis: recent events and the background (Hit Radio)

14/10/2019 Domestic crisis and state of emergency in Ecuador (Radio Patria)

25/09/2019 The IMF will continue to help Argentina – says the Acting Managing Director of the Fund (TrendFM)

19/09/2019 Interest rates in Brazil at a history low (TrendFM)

16/09/2019 Migration panorama in Latin America (Civil Radio)

16/09/2019 Humanitarian crisis in Colombia, Migrant crisis in Mexico? (Radio Patria)

02/09/2019 Extremists in the Latin American politics (Civil Radio)

27/08/2019 Brazil and the Amazon: forest fires and policy changes (Hit Radio)

27/08/2019 The burning rainforest of the Amazon: the Brazilian answers (Radio Patria)

23/08/2019 The Amazon in flames: Brazilian answers to the catastrophe (Hit Radio)

21/08/2019 Official negotiations between the US and Venezuela (TrendFM)

13/08/2019 The political situation in Venezuela: elections are the way out? (TrendFM)

18/06/2019 The Venezuelan migrants (Radio Patria)

04/06/2019 The background of the conflicts of the Central African Republic – Interview with Dr. David Vogel (AfrikaBlog)

02/05/2019 Escalating situation in Venezuela – Maduro’s last days? (Radio Patria)

01/05/2019 Escalating situation in Venezuela – Maduro’s last days? (Klubrádió)

12/04/2019 Inflation reaches over 1.5 million per cent in Venezuela (TrendFM)

04/04/2019 Another sign of US influence (TrendFM)

29/03/2019 Russian soldiers and another power outage in Venezuela (Radio Patria)

18/03/2019 Has Maduro capitulated? (TrendFM)

14/03/2019 Deteriorating humanitarian situation in Venezuela (Radio Patria)

13/03/2019 Power outage and water shortage in Venezuela (Klubrádió)

07/03/2019 The situation in Venezuela: then and now (HírTV)

01/02/2019 The Venezuelan political and economic situation (Radio Patria)

01/02/2019 Trump after South America? (TrendFM)

28/01/2019 Maduro under pressure (TrendFM)

24/01/2019 Maduro’s chair shaking? (TrendFM)

23/01/2019 The Venezuelan political and economic situation (Radio Patria)

23/01/2019 The Venezuelan political and economic situation (Klubrádió)

15/01/2019 Due to hyperinflation, the minimum wage is quadrupled by the Venezuelan President (TrendFM)

05/01/2019 Bolsonaro’s inauguration and the future of Brazil (Radio Patria)

03/01/2019 Expert: New possibilities for the Hungarian-Brazilian relations (Inforádió)

02/01/2019 Inauguration of the new President of Brazil (Klubrádió)

16/11/2018 Countdown for Communism in Cuba (TrendFM)

12/11/2018 What to expect for Brazil after the elections (Civil Radio)

09/11/2018 Honduran migrants on the move towards the USA (Radio Patria)

02/11/2018 The new president of Brazil (Klubrádió)

27/09/2018 Agreement on speeding up the IMF loan for Argentina (TrendFM)

20/09/2018 Drug war in Mexico (Rádió Patria)

04/09/2018 The President of Argentina has made his move (TrendFM)

30/08/2018 The economic situation of Argentina (TrendFM)

22/08/2018 The new Venezuelan currencyz (Radio Patria)

21/08/2018 Another attempt for stopping the inflation in Venezuela (TrendFM)

09/08/2018 Assassination attempt against Maduro (Radio Patria)

04/08/2018 The Venezuelan economic crisis (Klubrádió)

19/04/2018 End of the Castro era? New President for Cuba elected (Radio Patria)

13/02/2018 The unique tactics of the Venezuelan President (TrendFM)

11/01/2018 Venezuela on the edge: bankruptcy is coming? (TrendFM)

13/09/2017 Negotiations between the Venezuelan government and the opposition? (TrendFM)

14/08/2017 The Venezuelan domestic crisis and the United States (Klubrádió)

01/08/2017 The crisis in Venezuela (Kossuth Radio)

31/07/2017 The Venezuelan crisis (Klubrádió)

07/07/2017 The Venezuelan economy and the current domestic politics (TrendFM)

29//062017 Venezuela on the brink of collapsing (TrendFM)

22/06/2017 Ecuador is building a wall on its Peruvian border (TrendFM)

14/06/2017 Panama recognises PRC instead of ROC (TrendFM)

13/06/2017 Puerto Rican referendum on statehood (TrendFM)

05/05/2017 Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy (TrendFM)

27/04/2017 Political situation in Venezuela (Radio Patria)

2017.03.23. What could be the possible effects of Trump’s plans in connection with NAFTA and Mexico in Latin America? (Hungarian Institute of International Affairs 4:1, 2017/5 7-8.)

10/12/2016 Cuba after Fidel Castro (Kossuth Radio)

30/11/2016 Revolutionist, dictator, icon – Fidel Castro passed away (HírTV)

01/10/2016 Magyar Honvéd – Béla Révész: Terrorweb 2. – Children’s war (Vol. XXVII., No. 10., pp. 16-19)

07/10/2016 The Colombian peace process (Klubrádió)

02/09/2016 Politics in Brazil and the Olympic Games (Klubrádió)

01/09/2016 Magyar Honvéd – Béla Révész: Terrorweb – The propaganda machine of the Islamic Sta (Vol. XXVII., No. 9, pp 26-29)

01/09/2016 Political crisis in Brazil and the Olympics (Radio Patria)

05/08/2016 Security in Brazil (Klubrádió)

04/08/2016 Brazil and the Olympics (RTL Klub)

04/08/2016 Brazilian troubles: the Olympics is no remedy (Új Szó)

03/08/2016 „Welcome to Hell” – Everaday violence at the venue of the Olympics (

28/07/2016 Fail of the left in Venezuela, Brazil and the Olympics (Radio Patria)

07/07/2016 Terrorism in Africa (Kossuth Radio)

27/06/2016 Political crises in Venezuela (Civil Radio)

23/06/2016 Crisis in Venezuela (Civil Radio)

06/06/2016 Crisis in Latin America (Kossuth Radio)

10/05/2016 Venezuela is swimming in oil but lacks sufficient medical services (

10/05/2016 Venezuela is swimming in oil but lacks sufficient medical services (Gazdasá

06/05/2016 Latin American crises (Kossuth Radio)

21/04/2016 Crisis in Brazil (Karc FM )

15/04/2016 Fire-fighting and Olympic flame in Brazil (Magyar Nemzet)

02/04/2016 President Obama’s visit to Cuba (Kossuth Radio)

23/03/2016 President Obama’s visit to Cuba (Kossuth Radio)

21/03/2016 President Obama’s visit to Cuba (Kossuth Radio)

29/01/2016 Islamic State – Terrorism 2.0 book launch, ISIL (MTVA)

14/12/2015 Bankruptcy threatens Venezuela (Magyar Nemzet)

10/11/2015 Topic: Africa (Inforádió)

09/11/2015 Topic: Africa (Kossuth Radio)

03/09/2015 Multi-faceted Brazil’s multi-faceted crisis (Magyar Nemzet)

07/08/2015 Corruption and crime strangling Mexico (Magyar Nemzet)

21/07/2015 US-Cuba relations (Kossuth Radio)

29/04/2015 Instead of cherry: pills and gigabytes (

31/03/2015 Cuba: let the race begin (Világgazdaság)

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