Welcome to the website of the Africa Research Institute at the Doctoral School of Safety and Security Sciences, University of Óbuda. Our research center was established in September 2019 within the framework of the university.

Our basic field of research is the African region, where we focus on security sciences, an interdisciplinary field that is one of the newest disciplines in Hungarian and international science.

Our goal is to provide training and research opportunities for Hungarian and foreign researchers interested in the topics of African continent in a professional and research environment that introduces researchers to the world of African studies both in Hungary and internationally.

From September 2021, the Humanities Operations Manager training will start at the University of Óbuda with the active participation of the Africa Research Institute and the involvement of its researchers.

More about the training:


The Africa Research Institute considers it an important task to arouse young people’s interest by presenting scientific activities and research areas in the African region, and its staff also holds African studies courses in basic and secondary level involving NGOs and educational institutions throughout the country.